At one time, recycling commercial flooring was costly and uncommon.

The vast majority of discarded flooring ended up in landfills and garbage dumps. However, in the early 1990’s things began to change. It’s been several decades since we first started our recycling initiative, and today we remain a leader in the flooring recycling effort. As standard practice, we now reclaim existing carpet tile or broadloom and either recycle, downcycle or repurpose it. This reclaimed material is then recycled into raw material for a variety of consumer and industrial products, including new carpet. It can also be converted into energy. If the reclaimed carpet is in good condition, we can also clean and donate it to charity.

One of the largest and most successful industry-wide efforts to recycle commercial flooring is currently being led by Starnet, an organization comprised of over 170 locally owned full-service flooring contractors representing more than 300 locations throughout North America.

Together with our fellow Starnet members, we have achieved the following between 2006 and May of 2014:

Reclaimed over 10,020,220 sq. yds. (90,181,980 sq. ft.) of used carpet
Weighing over
45,117,647 lbs.
This has avoided
222,672 cu. yds. of landfill
Saving over 450,909,919,800 BTUs
That could supply with energy 2,507 US homes for 1 year
Global warming potential averted
Over 315,276,216 lbs. CO2 equivalent
Saving over
137,527,525 gallons of H2O

For more information on Starnet’s Reclamation Program, click here.