Master Craft’s Furniture Lift is an innovative, time- and money-saving hydraulic lift system.

It works by suspending furniture, allowing installers to complete overnight carpet installation with ease and speed. But, how does it work?

First, you will mutually agree which areas will receive new carpet tiles each night of the renovation. Most lifts are done from 7 PM to 6 AM during non-work hours. Crews arrive and label all the furniture that has to be moved (beds, files, seating, etc.) on a blueprint. Your employees are told which areas will be replaced the day before and all they need to do on the night of the renovation is place personal items from their work surfaces into a box with their name on it and leave it at their work station. That night, the lift crew arrives and suspends the systems furniture approximately 1/4″ off the floor with sophisticated hydraulic lift systems. The old carpet is removed from the floor and in many cases, recycled. After the floor is prepped, new carpet tiles are installed. After everything is put back in place, your employees arrive the following morning and replace their personal items. No furniture moving, no powering down PC’s or servers, no disconnecting phone systems and no furniture knock-downs, storage and reassembly.